The "drum cleaning" icon shows on the washing machine display

Last updated 07/03/2024 10:07


  • The "drum cleaning" icon shows on the washing machine display
  • How to clean the washing machine drum?

Applies to

  • Front loader washing machine (integrated and freestanding)
  • Top loader washing machine


  • Occasionally, at the end of a cycle, the display may show the icon:  this is a recommendation to perform the “drum cleaning”.
  • Once the drum cleaning cycle (Cotton 90°C) has been performed, the icon disappears.
  • Carry out a maintenance wash using a washing machine cleaner
  • For washer-dryers always run a drying cycle once a month.
  • You can get our Care & Maintenance products here


  • The repeated and prolonged use of low-temperature programmes can cause detergent deposits, fluff residues, bacterial growth inside the drum and the tub.
  • This could generate bad odours and mildew. To eliminate these deposits and clean the inner part of the appliance, run a maintenance wash regularly (at least once a month).
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