Top loading washing machine does not have a filter/filter cannot be located

Last updated 23/03/2023 10:13


  • The drain filter on a top-loading washing machine cannot be accessed
  • The drain filter in a top-loading washing machine cannot be cleaned

Applies to

  • Top loading washing machines


Top-loading washing machines usually have a drain filter hidden behind a flap visible on the front side of the machine casing (example 1), or hidden in the threshold of the drum (example 2 - in this case the threshold of the drum has a special recess that allows it to be lifted up).

If the appliance does not have filters in the places described, the drain filter is coupled with the outlet pump and is cleaned automatically.

example 1 - filter on the front side of the housing - cleaning

example 2 - filter inside the drum - cleaning

Detailed information on accessing the pump filter is available in the user manual.

Download the user manual HERE

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