Washing machine displays error code E40

Last updated 24/12/2021 09:57


  • Washing machine displays error code E40, E41,E42, E43, E44 & E45
  • Washing machine emits 4 beeps / 4 flashes

Applies to

  • Front loader washing machine
  • Top loader washing machine
  • Washer-dryer


These error codes mean there is an issue with the door lock, if the below advice does not work then you may need to book a visit from an authorised engineer, you can do this using the link on the right side of the page.

1. Check if the door/lid is properly closed.

If necessary, give the door/lid a firm push. You can hear a click.

2. Check whether any laundry is caught between the door seal and door glass.

If necessary, remove some laundry from the drum before restarting the cycle.

3. There is too much laundry in the machine (overload).

If necessary, remove some laundry from the drum before restarting the cycle. You should be able to see through to the back of your machine (please check the max weight of your machine, this should not be exceeded.)

4. Check the mechanical child safety lock (if applicable).

Disable the child safety lock using a coin or similar object and try again. 

For detailed procedures refer to the user manual supplied with your appliance. Download user manual.


  • The appliance door/lid is open or not closed correctly
  • The appliance is overloaded
  • The door lock is faulty
Book a repair
Book a repair

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