Washing machine does not work /  there is no power

Last updated 25/03/2020 17:13


Machine is dead, no lights on, it doesn't work there is no power.  

No response when turning on.

Applies to

Washing machine

Washer dryer


  1. If reports are dead or not working.  Check power is going to the appliance- locate where the appliance is plugged in and try checking the socket is definitely working by plugging something else into it (bedside lamp?) = If socket is fine but appliance is dead, try checking/changing the fuse in the plug and try cycle again.


1. Remove the plug from the electrical outlet.

2. Plug another device (Table lamp or hair dryer for example) into the electrical outlet and switch ON.  This will test that power is getting to the socket.  

  • If the lamp (or other item) operates, there is power to the socket and there is no problem with the power outlet.
  • If the lamp (or other item does not switch ON, it means that there is a problem with the power outlet.

3.   Where the socket is found to be OK  plug the appliance back in and switch on again (ensure the door is shut).  If the appliance is still dead, unplug the appliance again and check the fuse in the plug.  If no method of checking the fuse exists replace it with a known working 13 Amp fuse.  Then try the appliance again. 

If the appliance is still not not working contact Authorized Service Center.

4. In the case of a faulty power socket, you can check/reset the circuit breaker, RCD or fuse at the consumer unit.  Alternately try the appliance in another socket outlet.  If you require an extension lead to do this, it should only be for testing purposes and not for ongoing use.  

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