Washing machine emits humming / pumping noise

Last updated 10/12/2021 10:58


Washing machine emits humming / pumping noise

Applies to

  • Front loader washing machine (integrated and freestanding)
  • Washer dryer


During your washing cycle it is normal for your machine to make a humming/pumping noise.

1. Your machine is pumping water out during the cycle

2. The washing machine starts some the cycles by pumping any remaining water out.

3. Water is entering the machine

4. The motor in the machine is working

If your washing machine is functioning correctly but still humming/pumping there could be a few reason why:

1. If your machine is making a humming sound while draining, then check the drainage hose for any kinks.

2. If the washing machines does not take in water and makes an unusual humming sound, it could be that the water isn’t flowing. Check to see if there is proper water supply to the washing machine.

Click Here to see if the inlet hose is fitted securely. 

3. If the appliance continues to pump with an error code displayed please arrange an engineer’s visit

If you've tried the above and this didn't solve your issue, then we recommend an inspection by a repair technician to determine what is causing the humming and pumping. 

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