The S-bag® indicator light is illuminated

Last updated 16/11/2023 06:57


  • The S-bag indicator light is illuminated
  • Suction power is reduced, do I need to change the bag?
  • When to change the bag?
  • The "S-bag" indicator is lit in white when vacuum cleaner operates
  • The S-bag indicator turns red
  • Immediately after switching on the appliance, the white S-bag indicator light comes on, even though the bag is new and clean

Applies to

  • Vacuum Cleaners


1. Check if the S-bag® is full or blocked.

Always change the S-bag® when the indicator signal is illuminated even if the S-bag is not full (it may be blocked), and always after using carpet cleaning powder.

Please note that in some models (i.e. AEG VX8.2) the indicator can illuminate in two colours: 

White / green (or inactive - model depending) - the vacuum cleaner is operating normally, no bag change is needed

s-bag white

Red - the bag is full and needs to be replaced.

After replacing the bag, the lamp lights up red for about 5 seconds and then continues to light up in white.

s-bag red- change bags-bag red - change bag

Use only AEG/Electrolux original synthetic s-bags®.

See the whole range of available replacement S-bags for your vacuum cleaner: 

S-bag® the smart bag that simplifies life

You can purchase new bags in our Webshop.

2. If you have already changed the s-bag®, change the motor filter.

You can purchase new filters in our Webshop.

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