Picking your ideal tumble dryer? Easy.

It all depends on how much you dry, the kind of fabrics you own – and how tricky your clothes are to iron...


Whether you go for a freestanding washer, or one that's built-in behind a cabinet to fit in with your kitchen theme, you need to measure up.

How much space do you have?

60cm width - You’ll be fine with a standard dryer.
Less than 60cm width – A compact dryer is perfect for smaller spaces – you can even hang it on the wall to maximise your space. Alternatively, if you’ve got a standard washer, you could stack a standard dryer on top.

#EASYTIP: If space is limited, a 2-in-1 washer-dryer could be a good choice.

Do you have a dedicated air outlet for your machine?

Yes – you can go for a vented, condenser or a heat pump dryer.
No – choose a condenser or heat pump dryer, not vented.


How often do you use your dryer a week?

Less than 4 times a week – if you only do a few small loads per week, a 4-6kg dryer will do just fine.
4-6 times a week – a 7kg model can handle regular washing – even if you need to dry a few larger items every now and then.
6+ times a week – if you dry a lot, including larger items regularly, make it as easy as possible with a 9kg capacity dryer.

#EASYTIP: It’s best to avoid overfilling your dryer – your clothes will dry faster with some room to breathe.


What do you dry?

Delicates – A dryer with low temperature options will help you dry your favourite fabrics safely.
Wool – A heat pump dryer with low temperatures will ensure you don’t have to wait for your wool to dry naturally.
Cottons – A heat pump dryer will maintain a safe, low temperature throughout the cycle.


Looking for easy ironing?

Leaving your laundry a little damp can make it easier, so look out for a humidity controlled dryer. Alternatively you can go for a time-controlled dryer and set it to finish with clothes a little damp, or dry if no ironing is required.

#EASYTIP: Time-controlled models are more at risk of over-drying your clothes because different loads take different times to dry. Humidity-control is a safer bet.


Want to save energy?

Dryers are rated between A and C for energy efficiency (A being the most money-saving and eco-friendly). Heat pump dryers are A-class machines. The more efficient the dryer the more money and energy you’ll save in use, which can add up to a lot of savings over the years.


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