How To Clean Your Oven Inside and Out

It’s not the most glamorous of tasks, but cleaning your oven is a must. Improving fire safety, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of contamination are just a few perks to cleaning your oven regularly.

Whether it’s your first time cleaning an oven or you’re just a bit rusty, we’ll show you every step of the process.

What You'll Need To Clean Your Oven

Before you get started, you'll need to gather the following equipment and products to clean your oven:

Cloths, Scrubbing Brush, Scraper, Washing Up Liquid, Specialist Oven Cleaner.

How To Clean Your Oven: Step by Step

The process of cleaning an oven consists of three main steps:

1. Start by cleaning your oven racks

2. Clean the inside of your oven

3. Finish by cleaning your oven door

Start By Cleaning Your Oven Racks

Oven racks can quickly become coated with spills and food debris, so it’s essential that they’re cleaned thoroughly.

1. Slide out your oven racks and place them in the sink

2. Fill your sink with warm water and drizzle some washing up liquid

3. Let the racks soak in the soapy water for a few hours to allow the dirt and grime to loosen

4. Use a scrubbing brush or scouring sponge to rub away any remaining residue

5. Place the racks on a towel to dry

Clean The Inside Of Your Oven

Using a specialist cleaner will help your oven look brand new. Here’s how you can use our Oven & Microwave Cleaner Spray to clean your appliance:

1. Coat the inside of your oven with our cleaning spray, making sure to reach the corners

2. Allow the product to sit and do its work for as long as possible

3. Wipe away the dirt with a cloth

4. Use a scraper to gently remove tough spots, and be careful not to damage the oven interior

Finish By Cleaning Your Oven Door

The door and dials can be wiped with a cloth and our specialist oven spray. When you’re happy with the exterior, slide your oven racks back in place.

In just a few easy steps, you now have a clean oven ready for your next culinary masterpiece. Ready to clean the rest of your appliances? Learn how to clean your washing machine and fridge with Zanussi.

Your Oven Cleaning Questions

Keep reading to find the answers to all your burning questions about oven cleaning.

How Often Should I Clean My Oven?

More often than you think! While most people will admit to doing this once in a blue moon, you should clean your oven every three months. Cleaning prevents food and grime buildup, making the job much easier.

Why Do I Need To Clean My Oven?

You might be more inclined to clean your oven once you learn why it’s essential.

· Fire safety. Lack of regular cleaning can increase fire risk. That’s right, the buildup of grime means there’s a higher chance of fire. Burning food debris can also create fumes and smoke

· Energy efficiency. A clean oven is also more efficient. Better heat distribution means lower energy usage, a quicker warm-up time and even bakes

· Food hygiene. Grime buildup can cause bacteria contamination and even change the taste of your food. Cleaning the oven is an easy way to minimise this risk

· Longevity. Dirty ovens tend to wear out much more quickly; they’re made to work harder and use more energy. Some mechanisms can even become blocked and stop working. Cleaning is a must to make your appliance last

How Can I Maintain A Clean Oven?

One of the easiest ways to maintain a clean oven is by investing in a self-cleaning model. Our SelfClean appliance features pyrolytic technology; lock the door with a click of a button, and the temperature will rise and turn cooking residue to ash. All that’s left to do is wipe away the ash when the door unlocks.

More great oven maintenance hacks include cleaning spills immediately before they dry and putting a liner in the bottom of your oven to catch drips or food debris. These can be thrown in the dishwasher when they need to be cleaned. Roasting bags also minimise spills and are perfect for your Sunday roasts