The AirFry Oven - Redefining Cooking? Easy.

Maximum crispiness and tastiness, so you and the family can indulge guilt free every night of the week. Forget oil and say hello to a Zanussi AirFry Oven.

Don’t get mad – get evenly cooked food

Simply choose the AirFry setting, then place your fries, vegetables or chicken on the specially designed air fryer tray. This allows more air to circulate – keeping your dinner crunchy and even throughout. The cleverly designed air fryer means you won’t have to turn your food during cooking either, so you can relax until it’s ready.

Convenience for every course

You need time and space to express yourself in the kitchen – so avoid a bulky, difficult-to-clean tabletop air fryer oven and choose the built-in Zanussi AirFry. It’s simple to use too: set a time for the AirFry to turn on or off, and stay in control throughout with the precise LED display.

Healthy for you and your wallet

Using less oil is one of the easiest ways to create a healthier diet. And with this air fryer , you’ll never need to add oil to your dishes again. While your waistline might look slimmer, your wallet will keep its curves – when you have a built in Zanussi AirFry, there’s no need to buy a separate air fryer.

AirFry Ovens

  • AirFry Function
  • 40% Quicker Warming
  • Easy to clean Enamel
  • AirFry Function
  • Fast heat-up function
  • Sparking results with AquaClean
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning Function
  • AirFry Function
  • Built In Grill Function
  • Pyrolytic Cleaning Function
  • AirFry Function
  • Multilevel Cooking