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Laundry Tips 

No Half Load Button?

No problem. AUTOADJUST automatically adjusts the programme duration to the weight of the laundry in the drum to achieve perfect washing results in the minimum possible time. It takes up to 15 minutes for this clever machine to calculate and start adjusting that finish time of every wash.

Quick Wash? FlexiTime has got you covered.

Press the FlexiTime button and see the time reduce before your eyes!  2 levels for full load and a further 2 levels for half loads / lighter washes.  The quicker the cycle, the better suited for smaller and less soiled loads.

  • Super Quick Wash Needed?

    Use the 30 minute rapid wash – great for worn once clothes up to 3KG (about 15 tee shirts)

  • Quicker Still? PE kit for tomorrow?

    Favourite top you just want to wear again – use the 14 minute refresh – ideal for 1KG clothes (couple of shirts)

  • Rapid and Refresh?

    The Rapid and Refresh wash has a lower spin speed ….This is because by doing things this quickly – the washing machine needs to adapt its program – giving the wash the priority!

Full Wash

While quick is great, it has to be said for economy and the best wash results (especially  if fabrics are a bit grubby)  – the full wash is a great choice … and you can use the delay start – so the washing machine can just get on with it ….and a bonus if you use off tariff energy!