Review Management

Review authenticity

We are dedicated to authentic consumer feedback. We are using independent 3rd party review providers to validate and moderate each review to prevent display of fraudulent, inappropriate or irrelevant content. Please read review guidelines for understanding this process.

  • We do not cherry pick content. Any piece of content (including negative reviews / low star ratings) that passes our review guidelines will be displayed.
  • We do not remove negative / low star content if they pass our review guidelines.

Despite the validation and moderation processes we cannot guarantee that all reviews displayed are submitted exclusively by consumers who have bought or used our products or availed our repair services. For reviews submitted by consumers identified as a verified purchaser or user of the product / repair service offering are marked as ‘verified review’. For reviews submitted by consumers not identified as a verified purchaser or user of the product are marked as ‘non-verified review’. 

Read more for full transparency of rejection codes as defined by our third-party review providers here.

How to read our reviews

In the review feed you will find different badges that provide more information about the review:

  • Verified review

    These reviews are submitted by consumers who have stated to have purchased or received the product as a gift.

  • Incentivized review

    These reviews were submitted as part of a campaign where the consumer was given an incentive or took part in a contest, in return for writing the review.

  • Product recommendation

    Reviews submitted by consumers who would recommend this product to a friend.

  • Unverified Review

    These reviews are submitted by consumers who have not verified their purchase or experience of the product.

How to submit a good review

  • Transparency

    We want to know about your true product experience. Be honest and constructive!

  • Consider the other audience

    Other consumers might read your review. Be elaborate and descriptive. What would you have liked to know when making your purchase decision?

  • Help us improve!

    Your feedback is very important for us so that we can make products that our consumers love. Help us improve by sharing your opinions!

  • Product Questions

    If you can’t find the information you're looking for in our product description or consumer reviews? Submit a question and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.

Our product questions go through the same validation and moderation process as for reviews to ensure authentic and relevant content. Read more about our Q&A guidelines here.