From sizzling grills to succulent roasts

Your oven is the centrepiece of your kitchen. Here's how to find the right one for you. 

Space & location

How much space do you have?

You need at least 60cm width and depth for your oven. But, depending on how much height you have available, you can choose from a compact, single or double oven. Mix and match to give yourself lots of cooking options.

45 cm tall – compact ovens. 
60 cm tall - standard ovens. 
72-80cm tall – large capacity ovens.

#EASYTIP: A built-in oven with a swing door allows you to stand closer, making it easier to move things in and out in a small gallery kitchen.


Often cooking for a crowd?

Oven capacity is measured in litres – the bigger the feast, the more litres you’ll need.

70+ litres - Best for big households of four or more, big eaters, or both.
40 - 70 litres - Should satisfy three to four hungry bellies just fine.
35 - 40 litres - Enough to cook up a storm for one to two people.

#EASYTIP: Choose an oven with removable shelves for greater cooking freedom.


What kinds of cooking do you like?

Grilling – An oven with a separate grill gives you more space to play with - great for larger meals. Roasting – It’s easy to roast in conventional and fan ovens but a steam oven will give you the best results (and that’s not rocket science either…).

Baking – A fan oven will give you the edge in any bake-off by helping you bake more evenly.

A Touch Of Steam - PlusSteam lets you bring the bakery experience home. When the shallow cavity at the bottom of the oven is filled with water, evaporation will begin thanks to the dedicated heating elements. Which helps dough rise and makes for fluffy insides and crunchy crusts.

All kinds – A multi-function oven can do all of the above, and steam programmes can deliver awesome tastes and textures.


Look out for features that make cleaning your oven quick and easy, so you have more time for the things you enjoy in life:

Self-cleaning ovens – Pyrolytic ovens will incinerate any dirt left in your oven, leaving an easy-to-wipe-away ash, with no cleaning products required.
Catalytic liners – Models with catalytic liners absorb grease and fat splashes, and are easily replaceable after multiple uses.

#EASYTIP: Anti-fingerprint finishes not only look great but require less cleaning too.


Browse our range of medium, large, XL and XXL ovens. Grill, bake and roast in one multi-function oven. Or go further with a steam oven that gives your dishes juiciness on the inside and crispiness on the outside.